Creating Your Mood Board

Mar 18, 2020

When you were little… do you remember flipping through magazines and wanting to cut out fun words, pretty printed flowers, or background colors and paste it altogether for a wonderful masterpiece? Well if you did, then you already have the practice of creating a mood board.

The purpose of a moodboard is to create a piece of inspiration that encompasses the personality, style and vibe of your brand.

Before the evening approaching the mood board stage, it’s important to note that some other planning should be done first; such as figuring out your brand personality. We do this by selecting keywords that set up the brand’s personality either through our own lense or through the eyes of your ideal target demographic.

The words you choose are essential in crafting a consistent mood board design. For example, choose words like bold, timeless, classy, light, sleek, etc. Choose 3-5 words that you feel best represent your brand. Allow those 3-5 words  to continually reflect your mood board.

Now it’s time to begin brainstorming and creating that mood board! Be clear with yourself of your brand values, personality and the keywords you selected and put them somewhere prominent during your mood board process.

At this time, I want to clarify something! A mood board is not limited to the hands-on process with magazine clippings etc., but they can be done digitally like pulling photos from Pinterest or the Internet!

The perk to the digital process is that you can have it readily available and easily shareable as long as it is saved to your device. If you are not a graphic designer, we love using the free resource to make that 9 square clipping.

Physical Moodboard

Firstly, you will need:

  • A blank wall space or a large foam board- preferably white or neutral toned
  • A stash of your magazines or catalogues that you don’t mind clipping from
  • Scissors!
  • A fair assortment of “odds and ends” so.. ribbon, buttons, flowers, or whatever 3D items that inspire your creativity!
  • Wall tape or glue- colored or clear
  • Patterns and textures from wallpaper or fabric
  • Any color guides from paint chips or color strips
  • A focused mind!

Remember those keywords you picked at the beginning and start flipping through your catalogues and magazines for images, fonts, colors and patterns or anything else on those pages that draw you to using those scissors. At this point, don’t think, just clip. You will easily gather hundreds of clippings if you allow yourself enough time and space. Don’t spend more than an hour on this stage.

Now take a break, refresh your mind and make space to start going through all those clippings.  This is where your full focus is needed because now it’s time to dig deeper. There is a reason all those things grabbed your attention, but now you must analyze each image and be real with yourself and ask “what does this image say about my brand?”

Does it have the potential to tell my company’s story?

Does it encompass what I want my brand to look and feel like?

If those questions are a complete “yes,” the image remains. If there is no reason other than “I just thought it was cute or cool.” Toss it! Continually recycle through your three keywords and make sure they match up so that your brand image stays consistent.

Next the exciting part happens, you can start taking your images that “made it” and begin to tack them to your board or your blank wall space.  Allow abstract images to add textures and tones and make their way to your collage. This part can be very enjoyable if you allow it! Once all of this is complete (if you decide to use the 3D embellishments) you can begin using your ribbon to string from one image to the other or trim your images. You can use clear tape, colored tape or glue depending on your brand’s personality. And.. voilà! You have your mood board!

From this mood board you created you are now able to incorporate the patterns, fonts, textures, etc to your brand’s new identity. I encourage you to keep your mood board ‘up’ to inspire you and keep your design on track during the rest of your branding process. This mood board is authentically you or your ideal target demographic in magazine-montage-form so cherish it and let it remind you of your big vision ahead.



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