The Most Insta-worthy Walls in OKC

Feb 20, 2020

We’ve spent the past 5 years helping companies curate their Instagram feed, so we know an insta-worthy wall when we see one! We went on an adventure to capture and share Oklahoma City’s wall art and HAD to share with you all. Check it out!

Know of a few more? Leave a comment and let us know!

  1. “Pink Cacti in The Paseo District” on Lee Street and NW 30th

We fell in love with this wall when we took our team photos a few years back, and it has been one of our go-tos ever since! This is the perfect blend of trendy yet chic for your feed. Whether it is a solo shot of the wall or you in front of the wall, it is vibrant and eye catching.

2. “Pink and Teal” on NW Classen Boulevard and NW 30th Street

We love the textures that are captured in this picture. The three dimensional bricks along with the wood creates a unique approach. The best part about this location is that it is a restaurant called Pho Cuong in the Asian District! You can grab a bite to eat after capturing the perfect photo! This locally owned mom and pop is AMAZING, so be sure to show them some support inside!

3. “Blue and White Striped” at Maples located on the Plaza District 

This wall art is on the building of a BBQ restaurant in the Plaza District called Maples that is inspired by Austin, Texas BBQ. This simplistic wall art will provide that perfect pop of color to brighten your Instagram feed. Not to mention you could eat some finger lickin’ good BBQ while you are at it! 

4. The Plaza District Wall Art 

The Plaza District offers tons of opportunities to explore wall art! We were inspired to find wall after wall of art! The Plaza District launched a project in September 2015 allowing local artists to paint over the walls. In the Plaza District, the wall art changes frequently allowing fresh and new creativity to come to life.

The Plaza District does not just have wall art to offer. From food, shopping and services, the Plaza District is a hub for creativity and local business. We are in love with the Plaza District’s mission statement: “The Plaza District Association works to maintain the Plaza District as a vibrant and diverse place where art, local business and community thrive.” 

5. Factory Obscura at 25 NW 9th St.

Factory Obscura is an art museum that allows visitors to fully immerse in challenging exhibits. The colors, prints and designs are sure to catch the attention of your followers. Thank you, Factory Obscura, for reminding us all to live colorfully! If it is too colorful for your feed, the patterns and textures of the wall still translate great in black and white.

6 OKC Pride at Harvey and NW 11th St.

This area has all things OKC! We call OKC home to one of our headquarters and have fallen in love. Whether it is the OKC Thunder Town sign, keep Oklahoma friendly wall art at Bleu Garten or visit OKC wall art, you are sure to represent OK!

We hope this guide to find the most Instagram worthy walls in OKC has inspired you as much as it has us! We would LOVE to see how you utilize these in your feed, so tag or mention us : @thebuzzbrand

Cheers to becoming #buzzworthy.



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